The Worst Essay Topic Ideas for Your College Application

1. Writing sports essay is the worst idea. Don’t even consider this as an option. Don’t just start to write your draft to figure if your sports essay can work somehow. It won’t work. They ALL come out the same: you were working hard, you got a trauma, you won, and as typically your team becoming family. You will look the same as every other sportsman, but for this important essay you need to be remembered. If you are not a Hemingway, avoid this topic.

2. Mexico Trip. I understand that watching sordid poverty really affected you, unless you came home and really make something about it, I wouldn’t you recommend to write about it. The thesis statement for the essay is always like that: all those Mexican poor people have nothing but they are happy, and I feel guilty for what I have. It is dangerous topic, because it’s been written about so often.

3. Essay topic ideas about depression, divorce, or deaths. These topic ideas need to be written about, definitely, if any of them is connected with you and if you really want to share. However, this story should be placed into the Additional Info part of any application. This can consist from one paragraph to two pages. I advise you include this essay if some of this hard situation influenced on your grades specifically. However, remember that college admissions are quick-reading, so it will be better to show the brightest side of yourself in your essay, and put in your difficulties essay into the extra section.

4. Do not “sell yourself”. Do not try to create an essay like “all the great things that I’ve done”. The application essay is all about to hear your internal voice and your ways of thinking, not your achievements. Bragging leads to the opposite results, so you need to relax and write a nice and funny story about the times when you really studied something worthwhile and how it changed you.

5. Essay about your beliefs. Politics and religion are sensitive themes and I wouldn’t recommend you to focus your main essay on either of them. Admissions are trying to accept those kids to the campus who can be good roommates, classmates, and interested in all beliefs. It is not very clever to make your main essay in the form of monolog about why you are so right. Move on.

To sum up, try to write from your heart, write it from yourself, do not involve too many editors, say truths and be polite. Avoid slang or profanity; remember who your target audience is. Do not write round about; get straight to the point. Don’t overdo with honesty. Every person has less than finer accidents but this is not a place to show your dirty laundry. And, finally, make sure to show your own voice and style and your own message. If you want to improve applcation essay see my post about best college application essay ever.