The Story of the Guilty Person: Why You Should Not Procrastinate

Procrastination never was a big problem for me, especially when you the one who are doing it. “Not now,” you say to yourself to explain the fact that, you want to watch the last series of Game Of Thrones or whatever you want to do instead of filling your college app. You have a ton of time; why do you have to do it right now? Meanwhile, your college adviser, your mam and dad act flaky because you still not finished your process of applying for college.

“Why to worry that much?” you can ask yourself. “I have a ton of time. I’ll finish my college common app later.”

I’m the last one person to accuse you for this way of thinking. I was the one of those terrible procrastinators, particularly, when it came to something like filling your college common app. It seemed to me that I had an endless reserve of time, so why did it necessary to do it right then? So, I procrastinated and watched a vast variety of my favorite TV shows, and kept postponing – till the very last minute, to apply with essay that I had written the hour before, the college app essay that was not near as good as it could have been if I’d actually extracted them time needed.

Your family is grumbling you for a reason. Yes, you will possibly get your college apps done, but they can be significantly better if you spend weeks, rather than days or even hours, on writing. You have all necessary time to write and rewrite and polish your application till you get the best version of your possible application I the college of your dream.

However, if to procrastinate, irrespectively of the reason, you can knock yourself into a disadvantageous situation. You don’t give yourself a chance to make a perfect application. And as well as you shouldn’t go to a job interview in a hoody and sweatpants, you shouldn’t complete your college application in rush.

Therefore, do not leave everything until the latest deadline, even if the task seems to be too intimidating or because you just don’t want to do it: DO IT. You’ll free of the troublesome sense of guilt that repeats you there is something you need to do. Moreover, you will get off your family; and what most significantly, you will present to selected colleges and universities an application that you really proud of. And then you can return back to watch your favorite show.

Knowing how and why you should avoid procrastination is always the best option for future college student. It is better to stay focused during application time than to hurry finishing all apps in the last moment. However, when procrastination is fatal, you need to prepare strategy to face the consequences of that situation.