The process of applying for college: Tips for Future College Student

College apps are serious teenage trial, and they can actually make you stressed and crazy. Maintain control! With my special check list you can easily apply for college of your dreams and avoid overloading.

Firstly, prepare some key data from each college site. Use exсel if you know how, or make your own table on the paper. Put all your colleges to the left side and then make column headers for the necessary areas. When you find necessary information on the Internet, copy/paste the data into your table. I do not advise you to type it by yourself, take notes of it, or make abbreviations, because the real language used will become very important.

Which colleges use Super Scoring?
Super Scoring means that college will take your best reading result from one test, the best math result from another, and the best writing scores from the other one. More and more universities are implementing this every year, for the ACT and the SAT tests. Super scoring will help you applying for college in any case, so check it out.

Which colleges conduct an interview?
If you apply for college that holds an interview it is more likely to your advantage to do one. This policy is changing from year to year, so I advise you to trust the website of the real college. To be prepared for the interview, you can find special worksheets on the Internet. So, if you are not painfully shy, interview usually helps to show in what you are truly interested in and college admissions can get to know you a little. And it’s fun!

What majors will you set at each college?
Visit the Academics page of the selected college website, select Undergraduates section, then Majors or Programs proposed. Check the majors listed by the college. A major is the subject that you want to focus on during your studies. Select 1-3 in what you are interested in and copy/paste the information about them into your table. If the university calls your major “Psychological Studies”, than you must call it as well and do not name it “Psychology” in your application essay or interview. Be on your “A” game.

Subscribe on the mailout at each selected college
This function can help you stay in touch with every university for all their announcements and updates, and especially for the information about when your favorite colleges are going to come to the city where you leave. You really need not to miss those visits. The mail subscribing also tells the colleges that you are interested, which is not a bad thing when you really are.

Follow your colleges on Twitter and like them on Facebook. 
Additionally to the website, more and more colleges and universities are using Twitter and Facebook to share announcements. Therefore, it is the best way for you to show them your extra attention and love and keeping stay in touch.

Use this tips to be motivated and organized during the app season. Also you can learn more about college common app in my blog.