How to Write Best College Application Essay Ever

After 25 years of teaching students to write a perfect college essay, here are my recommendations on how to write best college application essay ever.

1. Firstly, read the prompt. Read it to know what you are being asked to do, and then select one prompt if the college gives you a choice.
2. Then, there is the most significant part in writing of application essay: you need to have something to say. It seems to be very simple, but it is very important. You need to develop a point, a message, or some lesson for the reader. Determining this can take the biggest part of your time but you need to do so before you started to write your application essay. If you are going to write your essay without a concrete point, it could happen that your sentences can look like unconnected parts of your thoughts. Contrarily, if you really have a clear point, then essay writing can become so easy like pouring water from a cup. And that’s when it is really becoming great.

At the moment when you develop a point that you want to write about, make an outline of your essay. Consider how to introduce, develop and end it. To do so you will have a few choices for this but I’ll tell you the main ones.

3. You can organize it in chronological order.
First of all this happens, then this, and now I’m going to tell you this…

4. You can also start your essay from the middle of the action, and then describe how it is started and when, and then tell how it all developed and lead you to today, and where it is going to take you tomorrow. Do not forget to mention what you’ve learned.

Your application essay should look like one clear story.

College admissions would prefer to read a story. Believe me, they don’t like read about your beliefs, opinions, or philosophies. If there is no sense in your essay and no connecting action, then start again (and start straight from an outline). It is also best to create a plot for your essay where you are the main character as they want to get to know you, not your mam or grandfather, etc.

Most freshmen should know by now that it is better to avoid sport essays because they all look the same. Also avoid horse essays because those who do not ride a hours just cannot feel it. Do not write about mission trip essays it is so typical. Failing math has also been done, and describing how you faced your first “D” or “B” isn’t very interesting for the reader.

Suitable Topics Include: 
something about your passion or the thing you love to study about, some hobby that you absolutely love to do (except computer games that make you look so pathetic), something you like to read, something that changed your life, kicking yourself out of your comfort zone, carrying out about others, or something that shows your compassion or excitement.
One of the most favorite topics for me is you standing up for someone.

You can do this! Billions of your peers walked through this every year, and I promise, you can make it too.