Good Summer Jobs for College Students Part One

Ah, summer days. For two months each year, students are free from captious scholars, countless research papers that they often procrastinated on, winter exams, finals, presentations, and who knows how many of this interminable string of all-nighters. In spite of summer freedom and sunshine, there are also student loans, living expenses, and credit card accounts that need to be paid off.

And, actually, many students are willing to avoid “broke college student” typical image and earn some extra spending during summer. Despite the fact that the US economy is still recovering, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics concluded that over 20 million young people between the age of 16 and 24 were hired in the summer of 2012 in the America.

College student summer jobs are the best opportunity for teens and students to earn extra money, collect some savings, and gain experience for the future. If you are one of those students searching for job in summer, never fear. There are enough college student summer jobs out there. You just need to decide what you want to do and where to look. Here is a list of good summer jobs for college students.
Career-Oriented Internships

Before choosing any type of summer jobs below, each college student should always consider a way to make their resume more attractive for further job chances after graduation. Career-focused internships in marketing, journalism, investment banking, or computer science should always stay on the first place before the desire to make money. Job of waiter or babysitting can help you to earn a few thousand dollars in your account now, but a good internship program, whether it is paid or unpaid, will put millions in your pockets over the course of your life. You can try to go for the best of both ways and find a paid internship, most of which will pay you notably more than minimum salary.

If you are not certain about what career you want right now, summer internships it is a good chance for you to try out different spheres and jobs you may be interested in. Internships are your chance to get necessary job experience, professional contacts, and ensuring yourself high paying job when you receive your degree. If you will exceed your employer’s expectations, you can get advantageous job offer after graduation.
Where you can Find Internships

Internships are easier to find than job positions, but the competition is cruel.  Billions of college students are going to graduate within the next couple of years and on today’s job market survives the strongest one. The student who has the most advantageous contacts, the greatest experience, and the best education and skills has the best chance to be hired. This is why most college students are trying to get the position of intern in mad dash. All of the biggest job searching sites, like Career Builder, Monster, Simply Hired and others, can help you in search, or you can straightly visit company’s Web sites you want to work for and check their “Careers” bookmark for internship positions. Do not forget to prepare a polished cover letter and resume prior to applying.
You can find more useful information about summer job for college students in my next post.