Easy Money Saving Tips for Broke College Student Part One

To be a college student is awesome, but it’s not very easy task. There is a stress of college, combined with the pressure to be socially successful and the anxiety that paying for the college brings. Additionally, most students are forced to live on a tight budget. I am here with easy money saving tips on how to economize money and still have fun!

Learn How to Cook Something

I’m not saying you need to become a chief cook, you just need to understand how to cook a few dishes so you can feed yourself. Some basic food like salad, chicken, or pasta is good to know how to make. Eating at home rather than going out to eat can help you to save a ton of money. Many students have some kind of meal plan, especially freshmen. However, it is very useful to develop your cooking skills early to not to stuck with Taco Bell as your only variant for sustenance.

Create a Shopping List

If you try to compose a shopping list before you get to the supermarket, you will found out that you are sopping can be much more cost effective anв efficient. Another one tip for broke college student, do not ever go to the grocery shop if you are hungry. It can be difficult, but if you go there hungry you can come home with a scope of unwholesome food you don’t want or need. It never fails.

Buy Own Store Brand

So, you are not hungry, you’ve created the shopping list, and now the time has come to shop smart. The best advice I can give you is to buy store own brand. That bum brand oatmeal will taste you the same as an expensive stuff in the beautiful box. Try not to be a victim of marketing. Buying the oatmeal with the ordinary label will economize you two dollars. It seems like not very important, but over the time every dollar matters.

Don’t let yourself be a victim of marketing! Buy the oatmeal with the boring label that’s two dollars less. It may not seem like a lot, but over time every dollar adds up.

Prepare Your Own Coffee

I know it is very easy to stop and buy a coffee at Starbucks but paying $5 for a drink is too expensive. To compare, you can spend around $5 an 11-oz can of ground coffee at the grocery store. With this size ща can you may drink your coffee around 50 times. Just stop and think about it for two seconds. 1 cup vs. 50 cups of coffee, Starbucks really has no chances. If after all you want to stop at Starbucks, order simple black coffee and spice it up with free sugar and creamer. A black coffee will cost you $2, which is cheaper and healthier than a $5 latte.
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