Custom Essay Services - is it Right or Wrong?

Nowadays, students may not worry about their paper assignments or even final exams. They can hire online companies who will do all the work instead of them. But is it right thing or wrong?
Here’s a story of my colleague who is a professor at the University of Florida. His worst studied student lately submitted the best term paper he ever wrote. Specifically, it was well structured, reflecting a level of knowledge and writing far beyond an average student. Moreover, he did a great job in analyzing of subject matter and developing a number of new approaches and observations. He made certainly A + work. However, there was one misunderstanding – the paper was significantly better than other works he made during the entire course.

 Therefore, my colleague suspected that a student copied someone’s work. He checked a paper through reliable plagiarism-detector software to find the source of the text. However, the program showed nothing. Finally, he decided to ask a student directly, “Did someone else write this paper for you?” An unfair student confessed that he had bought the paper from an online custom writing service. 

 The instructor thinks this incident raises a serious ethical problem in today’s education system. Firstly, the student had not written the assignment. Secondly, he hadn’t given any credit to the true author. Finally, he was ready to accept underserving mark for the essay, despite the fact that he did nothing to earn this mark. All in all, the professor brought student to a reason and gave him an F for the paper. 

 However, the true cause of this problem lies far deeper than one case. Online services had built a profitable business on the most basic obligations of students. On this basis, the question that has to be answered is, “Why universities and colleges ask students to write term papers on the first place?” 

Such services as  state that essay writing services are very popular among students (75% of students in the U.S.A. used custom essay services at least at once). Moreover, the service underlines that all their writers have M.A. or Ph.D. levels. 

Essayshopping site shows the history of feedbacks from the satisfied customers. One customer says that he received an A on a phycology essay with a help of essay writing service that he submitted at a prestigious Brown University. Another one student chants the praises to the writer’s dedication and high scholarly standards, who made several revisions of the paper for free. One more customer claims that she will use online essay help services again, “It is better to leave dissertation writing to the professionals.” 

This situation leaves confusion to the whole sense of university education. The use of such services is not a form of plagiarism because no one’s work has been stolen. Conversely, a brand-new essay is being purchased. However, the fact that the work had been used, without any attribution, remains unchanged. The student receives a mark (positive in most cases) for the work he never did. In other words, students skip the process of learning or they are cheating. 

 Almost every custom writing service does not help students to understand their assignments. They do not ask customer’s ideas on the topic or drafts for editing and critique. They do not encourage them to ask the questions about a paper. Contrarily, all the things that online services want from you are the topic, the deadline, and the payment. 

 Moreover, this type of cheating stays undetected for unknowledgeable instructor. If the institutions had knew that the student used essay-writing help instead of own ideas, they would change the whole system of essay assignments. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to determine if the work was written by the custom service, or by the student. The only way is to compare the content and quality of each paper during all semester. But who can guarantee that the entire course’s work hasn’t been written by someone else?

 Another one question that rises in mind connected with writers who are writing such essays. Why would the experts with master or Ph.D. degrees support and develop such unethical business? In times of economic crises many academics cannot make ends meet, as it is very difficult to find high-paid job. So, they forced to work for custom writing services. The orders with deadline in 5 days cost approximately 20$ per page. The urgent orders within 16 hours can cost 80$ per page. As we see, they make good money. 

Another question is: Why do the students not trying to make their own essays? They simply have no time for that. Many students work on part-time or full-time jobs to pay the cost of the college. Some are trying to combine parenthood, marriage, and other functions with education. Additionally, custom essay companies convince students that they are learning all necessary information and the company just help to save time.

 What scares more that students do not understand the value of writing term papers. After all, does the ability of essay writing can help student to get good job position? And what is the point of making time-consuming research and developing arguments when all necessary information is available on Internet in one click? Some can place in doubt the whole educational experience. 

At long last, the real problem lies in the idea of paying someone else to do your job. Nowadays, such services have become widespread in our consuming society, as many politicians, actors, and famous people are buying speeches from ghostwriters.

 At the same time, higher education has been transformed into a business, where you can buy whatever grade you want. Consequently, a student who pays demanding market price for the essay may receive whatever grade he wants. Moreover, many universities advertise how easily students can complete education in combination with daily responsibilities, instead of showing the real challenges of higher education. In fact, the shopper invests least time and effort when he is buying the goods, comparing with student who orders a paper. 

 But when the students resort to custom writing services, they are neglecting each degree programs they pursue. They stultify the whole meaning of education by cheating every assignments, grades, and degrees, instead of real learning. They are deceiving professor, who thinks he or she evaluates the real work of a student. They are deceiving their colleagues who honestly earn their grades. 

 Eventually, students who order essays-writing help are cheating primarily themselves. They are losing the possibility to ask, “What can I get by writing this paper?” instead of “How can I make it rapidly and receive my credential?” 

People can argue that the students are learning something even when they order essays. Finally, when they sit down to pass exam, those who know nothing will fail. However, it may be so at traditional classrooms, but how students can be managed when they are taking degree online? If the entire course is online, why students cannot hire someone to complete this course? 

 Meantime, the usage of essay-writing services is increasing more and more. That’s why it is not a solution to impose penalties and establish strict laws. We need discuss this question seriously with students all over the country, encouraging them to remember the real goal of the education: the new ideas that student creates while writing an essay and the enlightenment that comes when the task challenges student. Now, does an essay paper is still in demand?