College Summer Jobs Part Two

Though schools are not working in summer, parents can search for tutors for their K-12 level kids. Some parents want to give their kid a head start before the new studying year, while others want gather their kid up on the same level as his or her peers. Some of them may be a homeschoolers, who want to teach their children a new skill, while many parents just want to prepare their kid to their ACT, AP, or SATs test. No matter the reason, the fact is that tutors are in demand during summer days, as a summer job for college students it can be attractive position for you.

Where You can Find a Job of the Tutor
You can find tutoring job in the Internet, or you can hand out flyers through teachers in the school to create a flow of clients. You can find a job at the established tutoring company or as an independent contractor. Tutoring is one of the easiest ways to make money from home. The entry-level tutor can start from $15 per hour, and if you are a specialist in some particular field like Math or Biology you can charge significantly more. Moreover, if you have years of experience in the tutoring field or advanced degree you can train undergraduate students, who can pay you up to $50 per hour.

Freelance Writer Job
In case you have developed written skills and are interested in writing, maybe you should think about a freelance writer as a summer job for college students. Freelance writers and editors can work on commercial websites, print magazines, blogs, or ad copy. As a professional freelancer, you can learn the knowledge of key word research, SEO, SMM, and brand management. All this knowledge can be important for students majoring in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.

Where You can Work and How Much You can Receive
You can find special online job boards in the Internet where companies specifically searching for freelance writers. Some companies propose writer-related jobs from job ads. Additionally, freelance writers can work straightly with blogs or media companies. Most companies will ask you to submit samples of your works before hiring you. Do not use essays from you classes, try to write something about you are interested in at a professional level. In your CV do not forget to write about any writing classes you have taken during college. Every experience matters and can help you get one of the best college summer jobs.

If you don’t like to serve tables and deal with difficult customers, why not to try to serve drinks. The age requirements are varying from state to state, but often require being from 18 to 21 old. The job can be fun and cash tips are a great source of extra income.

Ways to Start
You can find quite a few online bar courses, but it can be very costly and just as effective as reading special barman books. You can also keep watching over experienced barmen and trying to mix your own drinks at home.

There are quite a few bartending courses online, but these tend to be pricier and just as effective as reading books, such as “The Craft of the Cocktail”. It also helps to observe working bartenders and practice mixing your own drinks at home beforehand to give you practical experience you’ll use on the job. There are also a few drink recipe apps available to Apple and Android phones that are worth downloading. More ideas for good summer jobs for college students see in my previous post.