Best Money Saving Tips For Your College Student Budget Part Two

Have a Breakfast in Your Room 
Better than going to the cafeteria or a local café to have breakfast, cook it in your room. Buy some fruits, eggs, oatmeal, cereal, pancake mix; whatever you want to eat. Make a tradition to breakfast in one meal that is very easy to prepare and is cheap to buy at the grocery store. Go to grocery store on weekends to store up food for the following week.

Accommodate Oneself to Public Transportation 

Public transport is not as frightening as it seems. Most college campuses built great transport systems around them to help students who don’t have cars. Go against the system and your college student budget can forget about expenses on car repairs or gas.

Purchase Textbooks Online or Buy Secondhand Books or Find Digital Copies

Nowadays, students have the great opportunity to buy course books online. Textbooks are often more expensive in the college bookstore, so make a research online to find the cheapest prices for your course books. One more idea is to purchase digital copies of your books.  They are much less expensive than a hardcopy.  

Try to Get a Scholarship

If you want to supplement your student loan or study abroad program, this is one of the best money saving tips because scholarship is the best way to do so. They make your paying tuition a lot easier, so, you can get extra money to spend on rent, food, and fun.

Benefit From Free College Events

You will be agreeably surprised by the awesomeness of free events in your campus. Art exhibits, concerts, movie screening, plays, you can never guess what free event your college campus will have today. Some colleges might even have free or discounted tickets to sport games. There is nothing cooler than free fun, so take advantage of free events.

Visit Local Second-Hand Store

Call your friend and go to your local second-hand shop to make some thrift shopping. This is an easy way to buy some new things for cheap and wear a great vintage look.

Exchange Your Clothes to Others Ones

This is one cost-cutter recommendation that ladies will enjoy. Clothes sharing are a great way to add new clothes to your wardrobe without spending your college budget. If you lived with siblings of the same age you possibly know the advantage of having one more wardrobes to variegate your own, but if not, ask your roommates to exchange your closet. However, remember, always ask. No one wants a roommate who wears your clothes without asking, no matter how friendly you are. In addition, treat your friend’s clothes with respect and care for them in the way that the persons want. If you do it properly, exchanging clothes can be one of the greatest cost-cutters in your college life.

College financial planning is another good way to save your money.