Custom Essay Services - is it Right or Wrong?

Nowadays, students may not worry about their paper assignments or even final exams. They can hire online companies who will do all the work instead of them. But is it right thing or wrong?

The essay consists of an introduction Review

Writing essays is a process which helps students demonstrate own knowledge and skills. If you need to write a good essay, you must select an interesting topic which will be actual for you and your future readers. The essay consists of an introduction, main body and conclusion. You must write a main idea of your work in the introduction. Your task is to attract reader's attention. The biggest part of the whole essay is a main body. In this part you must present few points of view about chosen topic. You must show your personal opinion about chosen topic. In conclusion you need to summarize used materials in brief form. is a special help for modern young people. This writing service is an additional assistant for some persons who do not want to write own papers independently. They can find various kinds of written assignments such as essays, reports, speeches, presentations, research papers, term papers, thesis papers, etc.

The writers of this company are ready to help you with any kinds of papers. They can cope with various fields of study such as social science, ethics, political science, law, philosophy, history, arts, culture, theory of information, geography, tourism, chemistry, physics, astronomy, cybernetics, mathematics, accounting, management, marketing, finance, medicine, biology, nursing, anatomy, sports, music, anthropology, architecture and many others.

The experts will check your essays, they always try to avoid inexactitudes, errors and especially plagiarism. If you will choose, you will not regret about your own choice.  

The process of applying for college: Tips for Future College Student

College apps are serious teenage trial, and they can actually make you stressed and crazy. Maintain control! With my special check list you can easily apply for college of your dreams and avoid overloading.

The Story of the Guilty Person: Why You Should Not Procrastinate

Procrastination never was a big problem for me, especially when you the one who are doing it. “Not now,” you say to yourself to explain the fact that, you want to watch the last series of Game Of Thrones or whatever you want to do instead of filling your college app. You have a ton of time; why do you have to do it right now? Meanwhile, your college adviser, your mam and dad act flaky because you still not finished your process of applying for college.

The Worst Essay Topic Ideas for Your College Application

1. Writing sports essay is the worst idea. Don’t even consider this as an option. Don’t just start to write your draft to figure if your sports essay can work somehow. It won’t work. They ALL come out the same: you were working hard, you got a trauma, you won, and as typically your team becoming family. You will look the same as every other sportsman, but for this important essay you need to be remembered. If you are not a Hemingway, avoid this topic.

How to Write Best College Application Essay Ever

After 25 years of teaching students to write a perfect college essay, here are my recommendations on how to write best college application essay ever.

How to Write a College Application Essay

Don’t hurry writing a college essay, take 5 minutes to brace yourself. Believe me, this can save you substantial amount of time. During 20 years of managing these essays together with my students, here’s what I advise you to do to survive, and how to write a college application essay of the best quality. Firstly, before start writing, look over the worst essay topic ideas.

College Financial Planning for Students

Preparing your college funding can be very difficult. Both excitement and anticipation are not the worst problems that student can face. In 2013, middle price for a bachelor’s degree was $35,000. Efficient utilization of the time you have before college will prepare you for the cost you will face. Here are five useful college financial planning recommendations to help you in paying for your education.

1. Work During High School
The sooner you learn how to start saving your money for college the better it is for you. To supplement your education you will need a source of income. As high school student, you can work partly during school year or fully in the summer.

Even if your wage will be on the minimum level, you can accumulate necessary sum of money little by little. Put some part of your paycheck into the savings account and it will start earn interest immediately. After that, you can use these to buy an annuity with which you can pay monthly during college years. Here you can find good summer jobs for college students

2. File an application for scholarship

The best way to save your college funding is to pay for your school with the help of the scholarship, which doesn’t require you a repayment. Search for merit- and need-based scholarships proposed by the school you are entering to and also in the outside organizations. Scholarship search services are useful tool that provides access to special opportunities with possibility based on your unique abilities, skills, talents and traits.

3. Consider the Financial Value of Your Major

Your future level of income depends on the type of major you will choose. Therefore, you need to think twice before signing up for some major that you merely find interesting. Make your previous research and answer yourself to this question: Can I find available job out there in the sphere I picked in as my major? Is this the suitable major to have a job in this field? Have I considered all possible colleges that prepare you for this job?

Very often students are waiting to think about the financial matter of their specialty till either a few years in the school – putting efforts into studying and money into tuition – or even after several years in their field. 

4. Study Everything About Your Financial Aid

The best your next step will be to consider financial aid possibilities. You can start by filling out the Free Application for Student Aid and consulting with your guidance counselor and the financial aid offices at the school of your choice.

5. You need to consider the cheapest Non-Traditional Ways

As your budget is not very huge, limit your college choices only to local colleges. I think that paying state tuition, housing and traveling cost greatly increases your spending on school. Additionally, your search request should not involve only 4-year college courses. Estimate community colleges, find out online courses, and take the measure of technical schools, in case they propose courses in your specialty.
Don’t pay more than you need to for the degree that is available cheaper just because it is not a traditional way.

Staying open to all possible options and advancing your financial management skills early on can guarantee you opportunity to a good education without paying too much debt for your college. 

Best Money Saving Tips For Your College Student Budget Part Two

Have a Breakfast in Your Room 
Better than going to the cafeteria or a local café to have breakfast, cook it in your room. Buy some fruits, eggs, oatmeal, cereal, pancake mix; whatever you want to eat. Make a tradition to breakfast in one meal that is very easy to prepare and is cheap to buy at the grocery store. Go to grocery store on weekends to store up food for the following week.

Easy Money Saving Tips for Broke College Student Part One

To be a college student is awesome, but it’s not very easy task. There is a stress of college, combined with the pressure to be socially successful and the anxiety that paying for the college brings. Additionally, most students are forced to live on a tight budget. I am here with easy money saving tips on how to economize money and still have fun!

College Summer Jobs Part Two

Though schools are not working in summer, parents can search for tutors for their K-12 level kids. Some parents want to give their kid a head start before the new studying year, while others want gather their kid up on the same level as his or her peers. Some of them may be a homeschoolers, who want to teach their children a new skill, while many parents just want to prepare their kid to their ACT, AP, or SATs test. No matter the reason, the fact is that tutors are in demand during summer days, as a summer job for college students it can be attractive position for you.

Good Summer Jobs for College Students Part One

Ah, summer days. For two months each year, students are free from captious scholars, countless research papers that they often procrastinated on, winter exams, finals, presentations, and who knows how many of this interminable string of all-nighters. In spite of summer freedom and sunshine, there are also student loans, living expenses, and credit card accounts that need to be paid off.